Rosmarie Lohnes

President and CEO

Rosmarie first helped to grow food gardens as a small child, and also looked to nature for play, interest, and understanding.

She has a B.A. in Conservation and Environmental Studies from York University with prior studies in Architectural Design and further training in Horticulture as Therapy, Ecological Landscape Design, Shoreline Erosion, Master Gardener and Landscape Management.

She came to Nova Scotia’s Windhorse Farm in 1999 to do an internship in Ecological Forestry and Organic Gardening and fell in love with the fact that you could be in the forest and near the ocean at the same time.

After her internship she decided to stay in Bridgewater but could not find a job in her field so she began gardening to support herself and after a year decided to start her own business; Helping Nature Heal was born.